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About Agent Aerials

Agent Aerials is a professional aerial photography/videography company located in Maryland.  Agent Aerials specializes in real estate photography thru the use of innovative drones carrying state-of-the-art camera equipment.

Founded in 2014, Agent Aerials was the first in its area to be granted a 333 Exemption from the FAA to fly drones commercially.  We are transparent and honest.  Here is what sets us apart:

- We only fly professional grade drones and cameras

- We hold a 333 Exemption from the FAA

- We only use FAA licensed pilots

- We carry $1M in Liability Insurance

- We fly 7 days per week; utilizing multiple teams

- Photos up to 20 mp, Videos up to 4k


We constantly research and test new techniques or equipment to push the boundaries in providing leading edge services for our clients.  Our goal is to constantly evolve and lead the aerial photography industry in real estate.


Our reputation and the service we provide our clients is our top priority.  We pride ourselves on hiring the best, most energetic, friendly and polite team in the industry.  We love interacting with clients and will do everything possible to exceed their expectations.


Not only do we provide great service but we deliver the finest quality photos/videos available.  Quality is a formula of equipment + technique + experience + conditions.   We use professional-grade drones carrying professional-grade cameras.  Our proprietary techniques have been fine-tuned from the hundreds of real estate missions that we have flown.  We also work with clients for ensuring optimal flight days for filming.  If weather conditions will negatively impact our footage, we will reschedule.


It is vitally important that we make it easy and convenient for our clients to conduct business with us.  Our goal is to provide you with a One-Stop-Shop for your real estate marketing needs.  That's why we have partnered with companies like HomeVisit for providing the services that we don't offer.  We work seamlessly with HomeVisit and our portfolio of repeat clients shows it.  Additionally, we leverage the services of Dropbox for conveniently providing easy access to all your files.  We also use Sketchfab for rendering our Aerial 3D services.

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